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Baton Rouge Parents - National Popcorn Day


80% of people with disabilities don’t have a job. This isn’t due to an unwillingness to work but a lack of true opportunities. Ryan Wenke, the director of operations and technology, in an interview explained how this fact led to the birth of Prospector. Since its opening, Prospector has established itself in both the theater and gourmet popcorn scenes with 74% of their workforce, referred to as “prospects”, self-identifying with a disability. At Prospector, they believe that “meaningful employment is vital to a person’s mental, social, financial, and emotional health.” This is something that everyone deserves. 

With competitive wages and jobs tailored to each individual’s strengths and passions, every employee gets to leave with a sense of fulfillment. With this, prospects are able to move out of their parent’s homes, buy their first car, and go through some many other major life changes because someone gave them a shot. That is Prospector’s mission, and that is what they will continue to strive for! Read More

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