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Our Mission

At Prospector Popcorn, our mission is to craft the finest gourmet popcorn while creating meaningful and competitive employment for people with disabilities. Our journey began in 2014 within The Prospector Theater, a non-profit movie theater dedicated to inclusive employment. We leverage our expertise in the arts and education to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities, recognizing their talents and capabilities.


Our popcorn is more than a delicious treat—it represents our commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities. With 75% of our employees identifying as having a disability, we demonstrate the value and potential of a diverse workforce. By producing exceptional handmade gourmet popcorn, we challenge stereotypes and showcase the abilities of our team members, whom we proudly call Prospects. 


Prospector Popcorn is not just a business; it’s a leader in the disability inclusion movement. Through our extensive education programs, we reach thousands of individuals, teaching inclusion, accessibility, and the importance of meaningful work. We aim to inspire other businesses to adopt inclusive practices, fostering a more inclusive society.

Six Prospects hold up Prospector Popcorn products while smiling in the upper lobby of The Prospector in Ridgefield.


Our commitment to matching a person’s passion, what we call “Sparkle”, with their profession creates an enthusiastic and dedicated workforce. We strive to provide "pink glove service," going above and beyond in every aspect of our operations. Whether enjoying a movie or savoring our gourmet popcorn, we want every experience to be memorable and filled with sparkle.

Prospector Popcorn is dedicated to thoughtful and intentional work, driven by our diverse team. We believe that every bag of our delicious gourmet popcorn reflects the dedication and sparkle of our Prospects. 

Sparkle On!

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